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Hello my name is Nicole and welcome my site.I am a home cook, foodie and  I am very creative I also would like to include I am a people person I get all of my inspiration from those who are around me. .I have been cooking for sometime .I even tried going to cooking school but it was not for me.So the little bits I have learned in school I will incorporate them with what I learn on my own .I have been cooking with a multitude of friends from church and they also have been a great source of inspiration allowing to experiment with new ideas.My passion for cooking started long ago but when my son was born it grew like wild fire.Eating ,Shopping and Cooking wasn’t the same .I’d say I love heat and how it transforms a something I would cook it was amazing.Learning new terms and a hunger for new ideas ran ramped .Now I am filled with inspiration and ready to show the world that Nicole is in it to win it no doubt.

About Northern Girl Kitchen

My food blog is very eclectic  and  simple  and I love to put a twist on traditional dishes.Without compromising taste and flavor.I have been known to make unique variations of a dish .I love putting my signature in how cook. I have been told I know how to throw down in the kitchen and here is where I show you.I will have pictures and recipes to show you how put these dishes together.Make it easy enough to show you what I can do.My recipes will be from around the world and will be for those who can’t eat certain things . I love the challenges in cooking .Its fun and I love what I do.


If you have any questions or recipe ideas or comments you can email me @:elijondej5172@yahoo.com !!!

17 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. I used to be terrible at cooking and hated it. But I have picked up many things over the years and now really enjoy it. Looking forward to trying some of your recipes!! 😀

    • Thanks I love your blog and I love pears .Your cooking style is how I want to eventually cook like that .To be honest I have a few ideas in my head .I will surprise people.

  2. I love this space! Clever name, fun wallpaper, great posts. You have a great perspective on all things food 🙂 Appreciate you stopping by foodforfun for the poptails. I look forward to reading more about you here.

  3. Thank you for following me Nicole. I love your recipes, actually found you by accident and love your site, so I’m stickin’ close now. I’ve been cookin’ for a long time and love it, still don’t know how to cook for one, so I’m feeding a building full of friends now, and lovin’ every minute.

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